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The Pink Cross and Shelley Lubben: An Expose Parts 1-2 of 3

The Pink Cross and Shelley Lubben: An Expose

Part One

Is Pink Cross what it says it is? Is Shelley Lubben who she said she was? Let’s find out.

Note: I did a brochure for Pink Cross in 2009, Have a Recommendation Letter from Shelley Lubben, and wrote the Breach of Contract Legal Document for Pink Cross. I have nothing to do with the porn industry. I wanted to destroy it. Ms. Lubben blocked me from contacting her so unless she wants to tell her side of the story, she has to contact me. If you’re a porn star and want to comment, send me your thoughts on Pink Cross.

Shelley Lubben claims she was a porn star. According to, Ms. Lubben was only in thirty movies from 1993 to 1994. According to information from Julie Meadows, she only did 12 movies. I could only find one of her porn videos where she used the name “Roxy”. Most porn stars commented that Ms. Lubben was no porn star since she was only in the business one year and only did thirty videos. The only reason that one porn video is around is because she’s the Executive Director of Pink Cross more than likely. She was 26 when she left porn. She didn’t win any porn awards during her career. Porn Stars win awards.

According to in 2009, Ms. Lubben was a prostitute until her porn career of one year. She also admitted she ran a house of prostitution to the owner/editor of LukeisBack. The article on her prostitution house apparently has been removed from LukeisBack. But, in 2009, it was there. However, it has been found elsewhere.

Shelley Lubben’s Prostitution House

Ms. Lubben hides this and hasn’t given information on where it was or how it was operated. But, she was in this article:

Shelley: "I hung out with them (porn stars—added to article by me). They were so desperate for company. They were always saying, 'What are you doing? What are you doing?' I was a prostitute at the same time. I'd been doing that for years before porn. I ran a prostitution house. I was really into the money. If we weren't making money, I didn't want to party.” This was the article on

Porn Star or Prostitute/Madam?

If she started prostitution at 18, one of her children came from a prostitution client not porn and she is nearing 18, then was the Madam of a prostitution house, she was more a prostitute than a porn star. Prostitution is definitely a tougher profession than porn. In the prostitution article, she said clearly it was a business and she was out to make money not socialize. The article hinted the prostitution ring was still in business since she said porn stars wanted to hang out and she wanted to make money.

Pornographer Rodney Moore said about Shelley Lubben: “Anyway, I have little memory of her, other than she looked very "street hookerish" the one time I shot her, way too much eye makeup, and way too nasty looking for my taste. She came from an agency, I shot her one time only, and really don't remember very much about her other than that she looked very "hardened" compared to most of the girls I shoot, which tend to be more natural and "girl-next-door" types.”

Shelley doesn’t agree with Rodney Moore: "Porn is harder than prostitution, where you are treated nice if you are in the luxurious side of it. Porn was totally degrading and shattering. None of the men in prostitution treated me sexually like the men in porn did.” No evidence was found to support her statement since hookers tend to be hardcore drug addicts and age and die fast. You can see Hookers for Jesus and find that out easily.

Some of Shelley Lubben’s Claims

Shelley claimed three pregnancies from prostitution but only had one child. Various websites said different things. Her claim can’t be verified. She had a child from prostitution. Either she lied in the interview or she doesn’t know. Or, she is adding more to her story.

75-90% of porn performers are prostituted women – Ms. Lubben provides no data to support that proposed “fact”. Some porn performers are escorts. You can book them right on the Internet but not saying where you can do that.

66% of porn performers have incurable herpes – Again, she provides no data to support that claim. If it were true, the porn industry wouldn’t be making any movies. Has to be total hyperbole.

Source: claims.

Ms. Lubben Doesn’t Use This Truthful Claim

Former porn star Jersey Jaxin said about 85% of porn stars use alcohol and hard drugs on the set. Jersey Jaxin admitted she drank to do porn and was to be a big star based on reviews. She worked for porn star Shy Love’s production house. Many ex-porn stars claim drugs and alcohol are prevalent on porn sets so it probably is a true statement. However, Ms. Lubben doesn’t use it. Why not?

You decide if Shelley Lubben is a Porn Star or mostly a Prostitute. Shelley says porn star but pornographer Rodney Moore said she looked “street hookerish”.

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The Pink Cross and Shelley Lubben: An Expose

Part 2

The Truth About Her Ministry Credentials

Shelley Lubben claims she has a Bachelor's of Theology degree from Vision International University in California. It is true but furtive since Vision International University is located in Australia. On their website, it states degrees/credits earned at Vision won’t transfer to an accredited college in America and isn’t designed to do so.

Vision’s website doesn’t offer a “Bachelor’s of Theology” degree. It only offers a Bachelor of Ministry degree completion. It is also a $9,000 course. There is a Masters of Theology degree but that’s not a Bachelors degree.

Vision International University is on Consumer Fraud Reporting’s website and was considered a diploma mill in a Pacific Business News. In 2002, Connecticut’s Department of Higher Education sent a cease and desist order and Vision left the state. In 2007, the Secretariat of Public Education in Mexico issued a warning against Vision (and 10 other foreign schools) for “academic fraud”. It’s pretty bad when Mexico calls you an “academic fraud”. Therefore, it is no doubt Vision is a diploma mill.

Consumer Fraud Reporting has a lot of schools on their list but Vision could challenge listing them but they haven’t. This article won’t post Vision’s website since it appears to be a fraud. Also, if Connecticut told it to cease and desist in 2002, it is a most like a diploma mill. It’ll just cost you $2,000 to $9,000 for a fake degree.


The Order of St. Martin

Shelley Lubben says she’s an ordained Chaplain of the Order of St. Martin. Well, it isn’t hard to get. The Order isn’t even a charity but a “group” as it says on Jeff Hetschels’s LinkedIn profile. It wasn’t hard to find where it is located. It is a single-family home at 24702 Athena, Mission Viejo, California 92691. On, it is estimated to be worth $544,000 ( Jeff Hetschel owns a coffee production company called Mission Roaster Inc. He actually has degree from New Mexico State University. The other degree comes from Bakke Graduate University. The degree he lists either is typed wrong by him or not offered anymore.

Order of St. Martin has an address in Irvine, California on their paperwork but couldn’t find it. It is possible it is just a mail drop. The website lists the previous address, the single family home, as the address according to WHOIS.

Becoming a Chaplain with the Order of St. Martin just requires you fill out some paperwork, get a letter from your local Body of Christ, and so forth. It doesn’t cost anything according to the paperwork on their website. The website does not list itself as a 501(c)(3) charity. Reading the website, what the Order of St. Martin might be is impossible to know. Their Apostles Creed is a short version of the Roman Catholic Church’s. You can donate to the Order but they don’t make it clear what they are or why you are donating money. Your donation is not tax deductible until they have IRS approval of their charity application. Personally, it gave me a weird feeling reading the website.

Shelley Lubben’s Ministry

Anyone can call themselves a minister but the degree is from a diploma mill such as Shelly Lubben’s from Vision International University does eat at your credibility. And, being ordained by a strange organization furthers the credibility problem. You can ordain yourself and file with your county or state with your own ministry. Takes some work but is far more credible. Maybe the work is easier if someone else does it and you pay them? None of the Disciples needed degrees. Not sure if any did but Paul was a highly trained Rabbi.

Based on Shelley Lubben’s claims and investigating them, she’s a minister with credibility problems since she has a diploma mill degree. California allows fake colleges to operate easily. However, employers will not hire you. Some states also consider it a crime to use a fake degree for personal gain. Of course, an employer could sue you for using a fake degree to get a job since you committed civil fraud. The Order of St. Martin was extremely difficult to pin down. You can decide on them.

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  1. I had a run-in today with Mrs. Lubben. She was invited to appear on UCLA's "Condoms In The Adult Film Industry" panel. She trotted out the same old dog and pony show, except during her presentation she made no mention of the fact that she had been a drug-addicted prostitute for six years before getting into porn.

    I challenged her, as you can see in the video I posted on YouTube of our exchange (, and she claimed she had never gotten any STDs while in prostitution, because she never had unprotected sex.

    Unless I'm mistaken, Lubben says she never went to a doctor when she was a prostitute. How could she possibly know that she never got an STD until she did porn?

    And second, as I pointed out at UCLA, she got pregnant from johns -- THREE TIMES. She claims that clients would break condoms on purpose, and that one client bled in her face, from "his penis." That doesn't sound like safe sex to me.

    The 66% of porn performers have herpes quote that Lubben uses as a statistic is actually a quote from AIM Healthcare Foundation's Sharon Mitchell, from something that aired on CourTV in July 2001, called "Adults Only: The Secret History of the Other Hollywood."
    Aside from the fact that the number is ten years old, it is not a statistic, in that the source is not from a proper medical/statistical study. As Lubben readily admits, AIM Healthcare does not test for herpes.

    So, how would Sharon Mitchell know that, when AIM does not test for herpes? Did GOD tell her? Its an anecdotal remark made on camera, not a statistic.

    I've only ben able to uncover 17 movies in which Lubben, then Shelley Lynn Moore (aka Roxy) appeared. She claims to have been nominated for a best rising star award, but hat is untrue. On the 700 Club, the announcer of her segment actually says that she WON a porn award.

    Every time I see Mrs. Lubben, her eyes dart around the room endlessly. She is obsessed with the notion of people watching her. After all, when she was 7, Jesus visited her and told her that one day she'd be famous. She also acts very much like someone who is under the influence of strong drugs. I'm not making any accusations, but her demeanor and slurred speech very closely resemble someone who is heavily, consistently medicated -- in my experience.

  2. I'll watch your video. Hope you called her on her fake degree. Her pregnancy as a prostitute was from an Asian man. The daughter does look somewhat Asian. The other two pregnancies I don't believe. Shelley does have some health problems she told me last year but didn't say what they were. Sharon Mitchell also has a diploma mill degree as well. Sexology is not regulated except in Florida (due to prostitution).

  3. I did not get a chance to call her on her fake degree, because once I challenged her, I was not allowed to ask any further questions.

    Obviously she has not offered any proof to substantiate any of her claims, including the paternity of her eldest daughter. We have her daughter's birthday and Lubben's maiden name, so one could get a copy of the birth certificate. From the photos, her daughter actually looks more hispanic to me than Asian. Generally speaking, however, unless one interviews the people she was hanging around with back then, there's no way to get even close to the full story.

    Frankly, we don't even know for certain that St. Shelley ever had herpes, or HPV, or whether "half her cervix" was actually removed. Her lies, admission of severe mental issues, and other claims, cast doubt on every word she says.

    There's little doubt in my mind, however, that Lubben now has health problems, but the notion that a drug addicted hooker who never went to the doctor, and who was diagnosed as bipolar and depressive, can point to her brief time in the porn industry as the cause is ludicrous and insulting.

    She now claims she suffers from an ulcer and from "stress." Presumably, the Lord passed over those ailments when He was curing her of her herpes and her mental illness. (Two quotes from Lubben: 1) “God told me he healed me.” 2) "He [the Lord] has completely restored me. I am totally free from drugs, alcohol, bad memories, mental illness, sexual trauma, guilt from the past, and everything from the old life.")

    Sharon Mitchell does indeed have a Sexology degree. She is the administrator of the AIM clinic, and the vast majority of clinic administrators -- even Planned Parenthood clinics -- are not doctors. But at least Mitchell gets the name of the degree right!

  4. Here's a clip of the finale of her rant at UCLA:

    I'll let the video speak for itself.

  5. This news outfit reports any frauds. No matter how big or small.

    The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality is non-accredited. Sharon Mitchell got her Ph.D. in Human Sexuality. Dr. Mitch calls herself a "sexologist" according to her. Sexology is not regulated except in Florida. Most of the information is also on Wikipedia.

    In Florida, you have to have an accredited Ph.D. and pass a state exam. Therefore, Dr. Mitch can only call herself a "doctor of sexuality" or "doctor" in 49 states because of their lack of laws.

    Dr. Mitch did read my article last year on her, and now some of her own claims have disappeared.

    A non-accredited degree used to obtain employment can result in jail, termination, and/or being sued by an employer. Therefore, all non-accredited colleges are considered scams and diploma mills. The Feds do crackdowns from time to time. California has a don't care attitude.

    Like it or not, the porn industry did have a beef with Dr. Mitch over her finances and getting rich off of the money they paid AIM. AIM has cleaned up its act considerable over the last 7 years. If you read their financials, porn donates almost nothing to AIM anymore.

    I also will note AIM has change its website considerably from last year. And, they are being sued again:


  6. Michael, I saw the video last night. Shelley lied. She told many of her Pink Cross fans an Asian man as a client in prostitution fathered the child. If she got pregnant three times, like I just heard this week, that was not her claim to me a year ago. She was having serious health problems last year. It was physical but she wouldn't say. In that video, she looks like a cancer patient.

    I'm not here to throw stones at anyone. If I was told tomorrow Obama's degree was fake, I'd be investigating.

  7. Michael, I've done a lot of research on the porn industry. I was critical of the L.A. County Health Department and AIM is stopping disease that does happen.

    My biggest problem in investigating anyone is that they have lots of defenders and will then start a campaign of deceit. When they do that, I know I've got their attention and the Devil is in the details. And, the truth always comes out.

    I did investigate Hookers for Jesus, Annie Lobert's outreach, and found absolutely nothing wrong with the organization. In fact, I found it to be one of the best, and only in it's outreach.

    As far as the porn industry, Julie Meadows idea of allowing condoms and no shoot if not all agree is a good idea. It is the smartest idea I've heard from anyone on the porn industry. If that would have been the case a year ago, I would've said, "Nothing to investigate."

  8. Cameron, I think you're very fair in your approach and I commend you for that.

    You are correct when you write that the Devil is in the details -- it truly is.

    The most offensive part of the Shelley Lubben story, to me, is how she is trotted out by "respectable" public health and advocacy organizations to back up their politically and/or financially-motivated claims.

    At that panel this past week, a cabal of representatives from LA County Public Health, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, UCLA, and OSHA sat there, nodded approvingly and commended Mrs. Lubben as she spewed lies, falsehoods, and claims for which she has never offered any substantiation. Public Health officials present took no issue with Lubben's claim that God miraculously cured her herpes!

    One of them even stated to the audience that no one at that panel wanted to shut down porn, only to regulate it to keep the workplace safe. That is absolutely untrue -- Lubben has made it clear that she has joined with groups like AHF only because "the beast can be stabbed in several places at once and bleed to death." She's like Norman Beale in the movie "Network": a sick person being elevated and exploited publicly for the profit of others. This entire affair is shameful.

  9. Mr. Michael,

    "Cameron, I think you're very fair in your approach and I commend you for that.

    You are correct when you write that the Devil is in the details -- it truly is."

    Appreciate the comment.

    Porn is not going away. Playboy won a SCOTUS decision finishing censorship. However, Max Hardcore, and some others, pushed the limits and went to jail on obscenity charges. Hardcore didn't do much worse than Belladonna in the some of her scenes.

    If Shelley says, "God cure me of Herpes", that really isn't something anyone should say anything about. Just like Olivia Newton-John said that New Age faiths helped her with breast cancer. Now, John of God was determined to be a fraud by a news organization; so was Peter Popoff. Facts are what I deal with in my articles.

    The government can NOT make comments on religious beliefs via the 1st Amendment. If Cal/OSHA had done so, they could have been sued for violating freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Scientology, a cult, has used that effectively for over a decade.

    The porn industry could end the debate mostly if they agreed to test performers at Porn's expense and allow condoms and other protections if performers want them. AIM, from my research, was a lip service approach the porn industry tried and now are critical of since they believe Dr. Mitch got rich off of it.

    This is my take: establish testing no one can fake, don't allow any drugs or alcohol on sets, allow condoms if performers want them, explain those things to new performers in detail and follow it including allowing critics to view that documentation. Some will still make claims but the porn industry can present the documentation of my proposed idea to authorities and, maybe, sue individuals spreading lies.

    Now, will porn still be bad? Religions will still say yes, so will some scientific studies, etc.

    Porn will never get rid of the stigma but it can do something that can let the public know they do care about their performers.

    Trust me, some U.S. Attorneys are looking for excuses to come after porn producers. The big ones can look good doing the right thing and let the little ones get nailed.

    But, the biggest problem I saw in my Expose of porn was the public's appetite for Gonzo porn. American porn producers are scared if they don't do it, West and Eastern Europe and Russia, who is horrible to women in porn without a doubt, will produce what the public wants. The former communist countries have a anything goes attitude. That and piracy is America's porn industry's problems in the long run.

    Porn was tame in the 1970s, a little more explicit in the 1980s, explicit in the 1990s, then anything goes in the 2000s. Porn watchers want more and more.

    In fact, eventually, I think most porn will come from other states or Eastern Europe. Only less than 20% of the money made from porn is in America already. However, to survive, they might have to cut their "enemies" or face bankruptcy.

    And, one other thought, those that watch porn don't care at all about those women, or men. The comments I read about the women in porn weren't kind but, "I'd bang that b@tch" or "What a whore" or worse.


  10. Michael, thanks for the nice comment. I look at this objectively and have no beefs with one side or the other. OSHA can't comment on Shelley's religious beliefs due to the 1st Amendment. And, no one really can. Never heard anyone critical of Olivia Newton-John basically saying her New Age religious values helped her overcome breast cancer.

    As I've said, I will expose anyone. No matter how big or small. No matter who they are or who they aren't. I'm sure my article on AIM hit them hard. I've noticed a lot of changes and did know Dr. Mitch hated my article.

    True journalism is following the story no matter how deep the rabbit hole goes then reporting it. Anything less is an integrity problem. Journalist also never throw stones. Find the facts and report them.

    A lot of porn stars/performers did get a hold of my article last year. I asked for comments. I got none, zero, zilch. Why? I reported facts. I openly asked Dr. Mitch to dispute my article on her with facts. She never did. I will repost that article soon. Let's see if anything has changed. It was 7 parts.

  11. I look forward to reading your re-posted 7-part article.

    My point was not that members of OSHA (who were not part of the panel, but were in the audience) should have commented on her religious beliefs, my point is that doctors and medical professionals on the panel went along with ALL of her specious data, as well as her claim that her "non-curable disease herpes" has ben cured (by WHATEVER alleged means). They also shut me up before I could ask Dr. Kerndt his thoughts on whether Mrs. Lubben's herpes had been cured.

    I'll put it another way: People who, by virtue of their chosen profession, must use the scientific method to analyze data, offer theories and ascertain "truths" and scientific "laws" or "rules" have an affirmative duty to reject non-scientific, non-provable data. They don't need to comment on her beliefs, but "beliefs" have no place in scientific discussion. Public health guidelines need to be backed by science (provable science using accurate provable data), and law (real evidence and proof). Mrs. Lubben is entitled to believe anything she pleases -- I defend that right -- but she is NOT entitled to be used as a legitimate source of data just because she believes it to be so. She is also simply not qualified to interpret data and proclaim her findings. She has no credentials to do so. For a professional data analyst to cite approvingly her amateur attempts at statistical analysis is ridiculous, and implies a darker motivation.

    Perhaps the reason no porn performers commented on your article last year is that they utilized an admirable restraint in not taking a position on matters they felt improperly credentialed to comment upon.

    Furthermore, I don't even really think St. Shelley believes all the things she says, but being a victim of porn simply pays better than being a victim of her own addictions and bad life choices. She has hopped onto the "Blame Porn" bandwagon and is riding it to the bank.

    You say that "no one really can" comment on Shelley's religious beliefs, and I believe you are partially right and partially wrong. It's not her alleged beliefs with which I take issue, it's the fact that she at once claims to be mentally ill and healed by the Lord. There are people on the streets of Los Angeles today who do not take their meds because they believe God told them they don't need to. We don't force them to take those meds and say that they're wrong, but we also don't put them on panels at UCLA School of Law and cite them as experts. No one needed to say her beliefs were wrong, they just had NO right to offer and defend her claims as anything but anecdotal claims from someone who is personally profiting from her alleged past "victimization." Professionals in science, law, and even journalism must ALWAYS be skeptical, and consider what people say in light of their motives.

  12. Ms. Lubben's beliefs are her's. If they are false, then expose them. If you expose a minister's financials, that is a bigger stake in the heart. Benny Hinn moved to Texas from Florida to avoid his financials being revealed.

    In my experience, if you find dishonesty in the handling of money in a charity, you'll get far more interest than in what someone believes. And, if enough people read it, their "ministry" is over without ever talking about what they believe.

    Cults I believe exposing. Scientology I did. Scientology is money machine not a religion. It is also the most dangerous cult in the world according to cult experts. The Mormons have been exposed a lot as Mormon, Inc.

  13. You write, "If Shelley says, 'God cure[d] me of Herpes', that really isn't something anyone should say anything about."

    And then you write that if her beliefs "are false, then expose them."

    Not to belabor the point, but, with all due respect, Cameron, if one is not permitted to say anything about a "belief" that 1) is contrary to known medical science, and 2) for which Mrs. Lubben has never once offered any proof, then how on earth would one go about exposing it?

    Can beliefs even be false? It's a belief -- facts are false, or true. Beliefs can be dangerous, or harmful, or benign, but they can't be true or false because they are not based upon facts. They're predicated on faith -- most often flying in the face of facts, or reason.

    Mrs. Lubben is entitled to have her faith -- I would never deny that. But she is most certainly NOT entitled to have her own facts.

    Whilst I don't disagree with your assessment that "if you find dishonesty in the handling of money in a charity, you'll get far more interest than in what someone believes," I'm not attacking Mrs. Lubben solely because of her financial fraud -- you and Julie Meadows have done an extraordinary, thorough job of that. Fraud is your beat, not mine.

    Mrs. Lubben has injected herself into a legal / political / medical / public health debate regarding pornography. She has made outrageous claims, and offered NO proof. She has distorted history, lied, and used anecdotes as if they were statistical facts. And now she is being trotted out by doctors, public health officials and OSHA! In that context EVERYTHING she says regarding health, medical and workplace issues is relevant and fair game for dispute. She is a public figure, speaking on matters of great public interest, and has given public testimony on those matters, so her credibility is also fair game.

    Lubben talks about stabbing the Beast in several different places so that it might bleed to death. I humble suggest that her strategy is sound, but misdirected. I propose we utilize the same strategy toward her fraud and lies in our own respective manners.


  14. MW,

    I agree. Shelley told lies about how many have STDs and herself. Pretty sure her prostitution career caused a most, if not all, of her problems.

    If she says, "I was cured of Herpes by God", I can't challenged that unless she said she still had it.

    When stats she uses about everyone else, they should be truthful. I pointed out she lied about the number of porn movies and noted I could not verify her three pregnancies except the one with the child. She said it was an Asian man. I also noted the 66% herpes rate was impossible (even though you, I believe, said Dr. Mitch claimed that even though they didn't test for it).

    I also think Dr. Mitchell, of AIM, shouldn't be parading around as some "doctor" on television either. She took some "sex" program at an unaccredited college.

    Any stats Shelley Lubben states, and Dr. Mitchell, should be with proof. In fact, to be blunt, both sides have lied so much that I don't believe any of them.

    However, one stat even the Porn Industry can't dispute: "Almost all porn actresses and actors are independent contractors." Why? So they can avoid paying for health problems? Porn has to produce some but AIM lies, Lubben lies, and/or the L.A. County Health Department puts on a show then never does anything. Cal/OSHA doesn't care either. That was a show.

    You know who is to blame for porn's problems? Viewers. They want Gonzo. They don't want 80s porn. So, the real problem is viewers that Eastern Europe is only happy to give even if anyone else doesn't (which will probably happen).


  15. Doubt Shelley all you want, but one fact you cant deny is that she is doing alot of good for alot of people out there. More than can be said about you.

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  17. blah, blah, blah

    Porn will always exist and by making it illegal you guys wouldn't save anyone. It would go in the black market and create a huge problem with AIDS and other issues. Christians are fucking idiots.

    1. Wow, that's a bit of a stereotype.

  18. Pretty sure Christians are Not idiots. Get your facts straight.